Why WordDoc Document Translations?

WordDoc Translations began in the early 1990s as an association of university professors, translators, linguists and multilingual professionals, such as doctors, lawyers, chemists, insurance adjusters and engineers. From the beginning, WordDoc used technology not only to improve the quality and consistency of our translations, but also to reduce the cost of translations for our clients.

Today, WordDoc has offices in Atlanta, Las Vegas, Dallas, and Tampa. Our team of language professionals, along with our Quality Assurance Process, enable us to provide superior language services in more than 120 world languages. We guarantee the quality of our translations.

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WordDoc's Quality Assurance Process

WordDoc's Quality Assurance Process, which conforms with ASTM International Standard F2575—06 and F2089—01, is unsurpassed.

Qualification and Certification Program for Language Professionals

In addition to meeting requirements for education and experience, all language professionals must successfully complete WordDoc's Certification program.

Highest Caliber Translation Staff

Not only do we have the highest standards for our language professionals, but all job positions at WordDoc require annual certification.

Technical Translations Expertise

WordDoc specializes in highly technical translations. Our Subject Matter Experts all hold advanced degrees and have many years of experience in the target industry. It is also important for them to be members of the target audience. Learn more about our technical expertise

Transparent Document Translation Pricing Policies

You always know what you are purchasing. There are never any hidden fees or surprises. WordDoc will never exceed our quotes, even if we misquoted. Ask a representative about common pricing tricks use by many translation companies.

Document Translation Guarantee

WordDoc's Quality guarantee is the best in the industry.

Document Translation Revision Policy

Our revision policy saves our customers thousands of dollars every year.

WordDoc's Ethics

We take great pride in not just the quality of our services, but in our business ethics. As accredited members of the Better Business Bureau, we adhere to a strict code of ethics and confidentiality.

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