Technical Document Translation

WordDoc Translations specializes in technical translations.  Upon completion of our very first translation,we learned the absolute necessity of employing the highest caliber Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).  Whether  translating an engineering feasibility study on the use of methane gas generated in a sewage treatment plant from English into Simplified Chinese; or a one-to-one translation of metric blueprints of an airfield from French into English; or clinical drug study documents from Urdu into German; SMEs are essential for a top quality translation.

Technical Document Translation Services
Technical Document Translation Services

Our Areas of Technical Translation Expertise:

  • MSDS Translation
  • Medical Translation
  • Chemical
  • Engineering
  • Legal
  • Website
  • Energy
  • Regulatory
  • Software
  • And more . . .

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the scientific community

where precision of measurement and exactness in communication are crucial.  A single, mistranslated word could conceivably bring down a bridge, confuse an aircraft flight plan, or cause a biological hazard.

Here at WordDoc, our Subject Matter Experts are specialists in their fields.

They hold advanced degrees in fields such as engineering, law, chemistry, medicine and more.  More importantly, they are respected members of their professions and members of the target audience.  Our SMEs spend many hours working closely with our translators and editors to make sure we get it right.

When it HAS to be done right, rely on WordDoc Translations.

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