Levels of Document Translation and Language Service

Certified Translation:

When revision control and/or an additional level of documentation is needed, WordDoc offers Certified Translations. Certified translations include a sealed, notarized, certificate of authenticity and accuracy. Certified Translations are necessary for most scientific, patentable documents and/or official submissions to governmental agencies.

Examples of documents needing certified translation are legal contracts, informed consent forms (ICFs) for drug and clinical studies, and Applications for Import/Export Licenses.

Standard Translation:

When quality is of normal business importance, we recommend a standard translation. With this service, WordDoc Translations selects a highly qualified team of translation professionals, including a project manager, translator, editor, proofreader and subject matter expert.

With Standard Translations, WordDoc Translations stands squarely behind the quality of the translation itself. The client relies upon our Quality Assurance Process and our reputation in the industry. This service is suitable for situations in which an incorrect translation can lose a customer or result in financial risk.

Translation PLUS:

To respond to price-sensitive situations, WordDoc Translations provides a highly qualified translator and editor or proofreader whose credentials have been verified.

With this service we provide native speaking professionals who have completed WordDoc's qualification process and certification program, and who have a proven record of quality work with us. In this manner, customers are assured of a top quality translator and editor. This translation may be appropriate where the text represents negligible liability or will not be published.

Draft Translation:

When a human translation is needed at a discounted price, WordDoc Translations provides a Draft Translation service with a highly qualified translator whose credentials have been verified. The translator checks their own work, but a separate editor or proofreader is not included.

Draft translations are ideal for documents that have no attached liablity and are to be translated into your native language.

Machine Translation:

To get the gist or rough idea of the content of a document, Machine Translation is both fast and cheap. It enables you to identify portions of the text for more accurate human translation.

Beware! The best Machine Translation in the world is only 80% accurate. The more complex or technical the text is, the worse the translation.

Verification Translation:

Often clients in highly regulated industries, such as the pharmaceutical companies, will require verification or back translation as part of their standard operating procedures.

In a verification translation, a completed translation is given to a different, completely independent team to translate back into the source language, without access to the original document. The verification translation and the original source document are then compared for discrepancies and to identify areas where something has been “lost in translation.” These translations can be done with just a translator (Verification Only) or with a complete translation team (Standard Verification or Certified Verification).

MSDS Translation:

Because of the highly repetitive nature of Material Safety Data Sheets, our large MSDS translation databases, and amenability of MSDSs to standardization, MSDS translation carries the smallest price point of all. Ask our Language Services Consultant for additional information.

Translation Localization:

When a document has already been translated and needs to be revised for a particular region or country, WordDoc offers Translation Localization.

Language Services Consulting:

Clients with several or lengthy documents may prefer the hourly services of a quality translator, because it may not be necessary or cost effective to translate the all of the documents in their entirety.

Instead, WordDoc Translations offers the option of Translation Consulting. The client pays for the service on an hourly basis, while the translator summarizes in writing or orally the information contained in the documents. The client then decides which pages require a full translation.
MSDS Translation Services
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