MSDS Technical Translations for End Users

As an end user, you are confronted with a dilemma. Should you risk additional liability and expense to translate your vendor MSDSs?...keeping in mind that, if not handled correctly, translating vendor MSDSs could mean assuming responsibility for the accuracy of the actual information contained in the MSDS, not just the translation! Yet, if your employees don’t speak English, providing vendor MSDSs in the appropriate language may be an unavoidable requirement. WordDoc can serve you by contacting the manufacturer first to obtain any existing translated MSDS directly from them. We can also help your manage your MSDS.

Perhaps you have already tried some of the approaches to MSDS translation described below. Whether you are new to translation or a veteran, WordDoc can help you perfect the quality of your translated MSDSs and reduce your true cost. Call us today!
MSDS Translation Services

Do Nothing Approach

You realize there is a need to translate your MSDSs, but as you start looking around, you are amazed at the high cost. You decide that it is simply not in your budget, especially in economic times like those we have been facing. Not translating your MSDSs can actually increase your liability risk. Not only can WordDoc translate your MSDSs cost effectively, but we can help with sales brochures, manuals, websites and more!

Have an Employee Do Your Technical Translations

You might be tempted to have a bilingual employee translate MSDSs for you, especially if that employee is a chemist or an engineer. On the surface, this would appear to be the perfect solution. After all, you are already paying them, right? Depending on the employee, you could be paying more for a lower quality translation that takes longer to complete; and without the assurance of WordDoc's professional certifications, reputation and credentials.

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Translate MSDSs using software like “Google Translates”

Machine translation, like “Google Translates” can be useful to get the gist of text, but it should never be used to replace professional human translation, especially with highly technical text. Google optimistically estimates an 80% or greater accuracy rate. Unfortunately, that statistic applies only to simple text. The more complex the subject and sentences to be translated, the more inaccurate it becomes. Can you afford for your MSDS to be WRONG 20% of the time or more? WordDoc cannot.

Translate MSDSs using Online or Bargain Translations

There are translation companies found on the internet offering translations at $.10 per word or less for straight translation (without accounting for repetition). These companies, even when they claim to provide proofreading, are usually either individual translators or home-based companies providing only the services of a translator. This is made worse because they select translators with poor credentials based solely on their willingness to accept submarket compensation. All of WordDoc’s translations are performed by a top notch translation team and put through a rigorous 10-step quality control process. We are able to offer you the best price for quality translations. For two decades, we have been saving our MSDS translations in our databases. This enables us to lower the per word charge while still maintaining the highest quality standards.

Translate Existing MSDS in the Same Regulatory Format

With this approach, MSDSs are usually sent to a translation company. The translated MSDS is identical to the original MSDS in every way but language. If done right, this does not have to be cost prohibitive. WordDoc takes advantage of the repetitive nature of the MSDS, our two decades of MSDS translation experience and our standardized phrasing to provide you with the greatest quality and consistency at the lowest price.

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