Medical Translation

Medical translation is a broad topic encompassing many different types of documents and needs.  Not all medical translations can or should be handled in the same way. 

For example,

medical records that are in German, for use by an American physician to treat a patient often do not need the added expense of a certified translation.  In fact, translation only, without a separate editor or proofreader, is often sufficient.  Clinical Trial Protocols, on the other hand, do usually need a notarized certification of translation.

Medical Translation Services
Medical Translation Services

Types of medical translations

  • Medical records
  • Clinical Trial Protocols
  • Informed Consent Forms (ICFs)
  • Case report forms
  • Marketing materials
  • Patient questionnaires
  • and more . . .

Your medical translation services provider must have the necessary expertise,

experience and resources to provide acceptable medical translations. This includes the ability to provide native-speaking medical doctors as subject matter experts (SME) when needed. We have this ability, and WordDoc's Customer Centered Needs Assessment is based upon what is best for your requirements.

We stand ready professionally to meet your translation needs for patient records, medical reference books, patient information sheets, clinical trial protocols and much more.

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