Legal Translation

Legal language is a very specific kind of language--one that requires the most accurate and precise translating to assure that the letter of the document remains precisely and legally intact. Success requires expertise and a process that checks and double-checks the translation all along the way. You wouldn’t trust the creation of legal documents in your business’ primary language to just anyone. Why trust the translation of such documents to just any service?

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Medical Translation Services
Medical Translation Services

Our Expertise

WordDoc’s Quality Assurance Process, which conforms with ASTM International Standard F2575–06 and F2089–01, is unrivaled. We guarantee our work and the caliber of our translators, who are the best in the business. In addition to meeting industry requirements for education and experience, all of our language professionals must successfully complete WordDoc’s Certification program each year.

Medical Translation Services

Your international business needs

If you’re a company doing business internationally, you have Requests for Proposals (RFPs), contracts, patents and a variety of communication to understand and apply to daily work. WordDoc specializes in highly technical translations for a variety of industries in which mistakes are not an option. Our service can give you the ability to expand your international operations and take the worry out of doing business in other languages.

Medical Translation Services

Your law firm’s needs

As a law firm, often your translations have to meet the requirements of the court and/or government agencies. They need to stand up to scrutiny and challenge. Your translation service provider must maintain detailed records of all those involved in a certified translation and must attest to their qualifications and the accuracy of the translation in a notarized certification. And as an objective third party, our expert opinion carries more weight for all parties concerned.

A customized translation approach

WordDoc makes it possible for you choose how you would like your translation handled. Our customized service balances your needs and your budget. When the accuracy of your translation is your highest priority, we provide either Notarized, Certified Translation or Standard Translation. For price sensitive situations, we offer several options, which include any combination of Draft Translations, Machine Translations, Summary Translations.

Our translators don’t just translate your document verbatim; they digest the entirety of it, applying their background and experience to the process. For certified translations, an attorney in the applicable area of law will also be involved in your legal translation, assuring the accuracy and appropriateness of every word. The end result of a WordDoc legal translation is a precisely translated and guaranteed document, efficiently delivered, along with your peace of mind.

Our support for you and your project is 24/7. Should your requirements for your translation change at any time, we are there to respond quickly and efficiently.

  • Certified Translation involves a highly qualified team of translation professionals, including a project manager, translator, editor, proofreader and subject matter expert (SME). Document revisions are controlled and recorded. A notarized, certificate of translation accuracy and summary of your team’s credentials is included.
  • Standard Translation also involves a full team of quality translation professionals, including a project manager, translator, editor, proofreader without the additional revision control procedures necessary for a certified translation.
  • Draft Translation is a translation performed by WordDoc certified human translator. The translator checks their work, but a separate editor is not used.
  • Machine Translation can save you money by quickly and roughly translating a large document, scanning it for the phrases and words you tell us to locate, so we can focus on the portions that you want to target for more accurate human translation.
  • Our certified language professionals are available for meetings in person or by phone to provide an efficient oral or written summary of the document and help you plan your translation approach.

In addition to our flexibility, WordDoc’s cost calculation method means you’ll know what you’re getting up front. Unlike many other services, WordDoc calculates your project per source word (the word count of the original text) rather than the target word count, which can multiply considerably in the target language.

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