Frequently Asked Questions
About Document Translations

1. Why shouldn't I use free online translations, like Google Translates?

Machine translation, like “Google Translates,” can be useful to get the gist of text, but it should never be used to replace professional human translation, especially with highly technical text. Google optimistically estimates an 80% or greater accuracy rate. Unfortunately, that statistic applies only to simple text. The more complex the subject and sentences to be translated, the more inaccurate it becomes. Can you afford for 20% or more of your document to be WRONG? WordDoc cannot.

For more information on the translation process, ask a WordDoc representative.

2. I have seen cheap online or bargain translations. Why should I pay for guaranteed quality?

There are translation companies found on the internet offering translations at $.10 per word or less for straight translation (without accounting for repetition). These companies, even when they claim to provide proofreading, are usually either individual translators or home-based companies providing only the services of a translator. This is made worse because they select translators with poor credentials based solely on their willingness to accept submarket compensation. All of WordDoc’s translations are performed by a top notch translation team and put through a rigorous 10-step quality control process. We are able to offer you the best price for quality translations. For almost two decades, we have been using technology as much as possible to save our customers money without sacrificing quality.

Of course, not all documents require a full translation team. For example, internal documents without any associated liability risks often only need a translator. For these documents, we offer a guaranteed top notch professional translator through our Translation Only service.

For more information on the translation process or our different levels of service, ask a WordDoc representative.

3. Is it a good idea to have my employee edit/proofread your translation?

It depends upon the qualifications of the employee.  When the employee is well versed in the subject matter, we greatly encourage collaboration between your employee and your WordDoc Translation team.  No one knows your products and services as well as you do.

On the other hand, we have found that untrained bilingual employees often make changes that are inappropriate, because they are unaware of stylistic versus linguistic differences and use terminology that is too regionalized.

4. Should we use an individual translator or a translation company?

When you use an individual translator, no matter what their certifications or credentials, you cannot be assured of the quality of their translation.

While there are some situations when you do not need a full translation team, you should still use a reputable translation company. 

When Translation ONLY is needed, WordDoc will provide you with a top quality translator who has worked with us and has been thoroughly tested and certified by WordDoc. 

However, if your document is going to be seen by a customer or has liability attached, your translation should go through an ASTM compliant quality assurance process.  A single mistranslation could cost you customers.  For more specific information on the translation process, ask a WordDoc representative.  Our company takes responsibility for the quality of the translation, and we are fully insured.

5. What about liability? What if there is a mistake in your translation?

We stand behind our translations and take full responsibility for accuracy.  We are also fully insured.

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