WordDoc tailors translation services to fit client needs.

WordDoc has earned the trust and loyalty of its clients by providing a range of appropriately priced quality services.  Chances are you have heard of us by word of mouth through one or more of our clients.  With WordDoc, you can choose the service(s) and price level that best fit your needs.

Our Language Services Consultants are dedicated to listening to your needs and suggesting the services that are right for you.

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MSDS Translation Services
MSDS Services

WordDoc provides the highest quality service

at the best price in the industry because of a carefully considered combination of human expertise, customer service and modern technology.  Over time, many of our clients experience a decrease in translation costs through the use of our Translation Memory Service. Why not begin today?

Certified Translations

This service includes a signed notarized certification of accuracy and quality.  This certificate also states that the translation team included a project manager, translator(s), editor(s), proofreader(s), copy editor(s) and Subject Matter Expert(s) (where appropriate).  This type of translation is usually required for regulatory documents, informed consent forms and other important business transactions.  Our certifications are accepted by regulatory agencies such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization (INS), the U.S. Drug Enforcement  Administration (DEA) and the U.S. Department of Commerce (USDOC).  The quality of the translation is guaranteed, formally attested to and notarized.

Standard Translations

This service level involves translation by a team of translator(s), editor(s), proofreader(s), copy editor(s) and subject matter expert(s) as needed.  The quality of the translation is warranted by our long-standing reputation for excellence. 

Draft Translations

We implement this process when a full translation team is not needed.  Our Draft Translation service requires a native speaking translator who has completed WordDoc's qualification process and certification program, and who has a proven record of quality work with us.  In this manner, customers are assured  a top quality translator. 

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